BUMBLESCRATCH London Concert Cast Recording


is a new sung-through musical comedy, written by

Robert J. Sherman.

Set in London during the Great Plague of 1665 and the Great Fire of 1666 and told from the perspective of a demented, lascivious plague rat named Melbourne Bumblescratch, who demonstrates his unique and twisted love affair with the ancient city through telling his marvellously gruesome tales.


played a charity concert at the Adelphi Theatre, London on 4th September 2016. Directed and choreographed by

Stewart Nicholls,

musical direction by

Tom Kelly,

and orchestrated by

Rowland Lee.

The London Concert Cast Recording featuring the original band and cast, was recorded at Angel Studios, and stars West End performers

Darren Day, Jessica Martin, Michael Xavier


Ilan Galkoff,

plus comes complete with a 30 page full colour booklet including production photographs and lyrics.



  1. London In The Plague
    Darren Day, Ilan Galkoff, Jessica Martin, Company
  2. Thank You Sir
    Ilan Galkoff, Darren Day, Katie Kerr, Alastair Barron,
    Dickie Wood, Company
  3. Melbourne Bumblescratch
    Jessica Martin, Company
  4. At Least A Rat ‘As Got An Excuse
    Darren Day, Ilan Galkoff, Alastair Barron, Company
  5. Socrates‘ Scorn
    Jacob Chapman, Teddy Moynihan, Dickie Wood,
    Alastair Barron
  6. Close Scrape Today
    Darren Day, Ilan Galkoff
  7. Hookbeard’s Theme
    Michael Xavier, Company
  8. Can’t You Hear The Music?
    Ilan Galkoff, Darren Day
  9. Jiggery Pokery
    Darren Day, Ilan Galkoff
  10. What Is This That I See?
    Cathy Read, Ilan Galkoff
  11. Adorable Me!
    Ilan Galkoff, Darren Day
  12. That’s Something
    Ilan Galkoff
  13. Music Of The Spheres
    Darren Day
  14. Dual Epiphany
    Darren Day, Ilan Galkoff
  15. My Place In The Sun
    Darren Day, Company

  16. ACT TWO

  17. Beautiful Now
    Cathy Read, Darren Day
  18. I Cannot Hear You!
    Michael Xavier, Darren Day
  19. Hookbeard’s Theme (Reprise)
    Michael Xavier, Darren Day, Alastair Barron,
    Katie Kerr, Dickie Wood
  20. Nightmare
    Ilan Galkoff, Company
  21. Long, Long Road
    Jessica Martin, Company
  22. Socrates Presents His Plan
    Jacob Chapman, Darren Day, Alastair Barron,
    Dickie Wood
  23. Dance! Dance! Dance!
    Darren Day, Ilan Galkoff, Michael Xavier
  24. Blackness Fills The Night
  25. Plague Rat
    Darren Day, Jessica Martin, Company
  26. Tail

Released 19th December 2016 - Catalogue No: SimGR-CD032


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"entirely original and has great morals … the orchestrations are detailed and intuitive throughout and serves the content perfectly … Day goes on a real journey across the show … Read and Galkoff showcase pitch-perfect harmonies and are a joy to listen to. What better stocking filler could there be than the newest release from SimG Records?"

Jenny Ell, BroadwayWorldUK ✭✭✭✭

"There’s something for all the family in this recording, with hummable and memorable choruses. Overall, the variation in tempo and style of musical numbers is excellent, and there’s a vitality in this recording that makes it a pleasure to listen to … musical numbers always drive forward the storyline … and soaring melodies."

Chris Omaweng, LondonTheatre1 ✭✭✭✭

8/10 "This is quite a surprising little gem from SimG, although I shouldn’t be surprised as it’s a label that never seem to disappoint … score is enjoyable … the orchestrations are first rate, and also the clarity of the recording … the cast is extremely competent throughout - although with Darren Day, Michael Xavier and Jessica Martin, was there ever any doubt in that. All in all, a great listen and an enjoyable new musical that does the Sherman name justice."

Ian Gude, Review Graveyard

"Some of the best loved musicals of all time have come from the Shermans. They are true classics, and I think Robert J. Sherman’s Bumblescratch could be on its way to being just that. Darren Day really takes the title role with both hands, and I can’t imagine a better or more deserving actor … same with Ilan Galkoff, (as Perry) a young and exceptionally talented performer. For a boy of 12, he is an extremely impressive force to be reckoned with ... the pair are completely heartwarming. I think Bumblescratch holds its own in a genre of well known and loved musicals, and I am excited to see how it will develop, as I think it could perhaps become a new classic."

Kara Alberts, West End Wilma ✭✭✭✭

"Bumblescratch has real potential to become a really joyful family show with its sheer imagination and wonderful variety of characters that will keep children engrossed from beginning to end. Wonderful evening’s entertainment."

Emma Clarendon, Love London Love Culture ✭✭✭✭✭

"At the core of this big, goofy, ambitious show beats a warm heart, with memorable characters and a delightful score ... [Bumblescratch] is full to bursting with novel ideas."

Craig Glenday, Musical Theatre Review ✭✭✭✭

Bumblescratch Album