Girl In A Crisis Original Cast Recording

With book, music & lyrics by

Andrew Fisher, Girl In A Crisis

premiered in November 2018 at the Crazy Coqs in London as part of the Live At Zédel Season, and is a new one-woman musical developed and directed by

Simon Greiff

that tells a painfully funny story about growing up.

Flic is in a permanent state of crisis. A single, out-of-work actress, she survives by waiting tables, going home in the evenings to her manipulative cat, Miss Fluffington, at weekends she attends the weddings of her smug friends alone, and worst of all dreads that she will soon turn thirty. She is horrified to learn that her perfect younger sister is getting married. Will she be able to overcome her reluctance to find a date, or even love by the time of the wedding…?

Recorded at Baker Street Studios, the 28 track original cast recording stars Olivier Award winning West End leading lady

Lorna Want

(Beautiful, Evita, Footloose, Parade, The Fantasticks),

and comes complete with a 24 page full colour booklet including photographs, synopsis and lyrics.

The shows title song was shortlisted for the Stiles & Drewe New Song Prize at the Stephen Sondheim Society Student Performer of the Year.

"Directed impressively tightly by Simon Greiff, the audience [is] taken on a whistle-stop autobiographical tour de farce … credit goes to Want whose manic, emotional and multi-faceted solo role displays just how versatile a performer she is."

Derek Smith, Musical Theatre Review


  1. Girl In A Crisis
  2. Letter 1
  3. Table For One
  4. Dating Narrative 1
  5. Choose To Be Choosy
  6. Strawberry Daiquiri
  7. Will He Call Me?
  8. Letter 2
  9. Just A Kiss
  10. Boyfriend?
  11. OMG!
  12. Maybe A Teensy Bit
  13. Dating Narrative 2
  14. Second Base
  15. Strawberry Daiquiri (Reprise)
  16. You And Your Giraffe
  17. Girl In A Crisis (Reprise)
  18. Miss Fluffington
  19. Letter 3
  20. Moment Of Truth
  21. Harder Than I Thought
  22. Strawberry Daiquiri (Reprise 2)
  23. Table For One (Reprise)
  24. Dating Narrative 3
  25. Claire And I
  26. Letter 4
  27. Just A Kiss (Reprise)
  28. Letter 5

Released 12th August 2019 - Catalogue No: SimGR-CD035


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"The cast recording proves that the book works very well as a musical due to its relatable nature, especially with Want at the helm … she brings her consistently great vocals and huge personality to the role. [Want is] sassy, emotional … the blues-y inflection in her vocal tone is stunning in ‘Second Base’ … I'd like to think this production could have a future life. Based on this recording, it definitely deserves one."

Jenny Ell, BroadwayWorldUK

✭✭✭✭"Want’s voice glides through the songs, seemingly effortlessly, an absolute pleasure to listen to throughout … Smatterings of spoken word are included, often to good and punchy dramatic effect. The character development is quite extraordinary, as the listener is taken through an emotional rollercoaster (a pleasurable one at that) … it is difficult to resist with such jaunty music and some witty lyrics … [Girl In A Crisis] is a short and sweet coming of age story, and one that would work well as a full production in a studio theatre."

Chris Omaweng, London Theatre1

9/10 "[the album] is a wonderful production … the execution is flawless… the story is just the jumping off point for something that is so much more than the sum of its parts … but what makes this shine is the characterisation of Flic. The writing is spot on, genuinely funny and you really start to care for her. This is in no small part down to the wonderful casting of Lorna Want. She can sing, but she also gets under the skin of the character and can act. The comedy wouldn't work if Want wasn't funny. And when things go wrong, your heart breaks for her."

Daisy May, Graveyard Review