Original Edinburgh Cast Recording

"The age of vaudeville. A quartet of penguins and a trio of parrots sing and dance, dazzling and delighting their audiences, night after night in this one of a kind, all avian revue. But when the show’s temperamental cracker-crazed macaw star mysteriously goes missing, it threatens to close down the show for good."

Mary Poppins’ singing penguins live on in this brand new family musical by

Robert J. Sherman

(son of Robert B. Sherman, one half of the multi award-winning Sherman Brothers). Robbie was the youngest songwriter to join the BMI, and has gone on to write for television, film and theatre. In 2014, together with musical director Colin Billing, his acclaimed revue

A Spoonful Of Sherman

, celebrating the astonishing Sherman family songwriting legacy, played at the St James Studio London.

Love Birds

ran at the Pleasance Theatre Edinburgh through August 2015, received many five star reviews, and was directed and choreographed by

Stewart Nicholls

, arrangements and musical supervision by

Richard Healey

, and musical direction by

Neil MacDonald

. Starring the original Edinburgh cast;

Ruth Betteridge, Greg Castiglioni, John Guerrasio, George Knapper, Jonny Purchase, Joanna Sawyer, Anna Stolli, Rafe Watts


Ryan Willis

, and featuring

Neil MacDonald, Marcus Pritchard


James Pritchard

on piano, bass and drums.


  1. Prologue
    John Guerrasio, Greg Castiglioni & Company
  2. Mary Poppins
    George Knapper, Ryan Willis, Jonny Purchase & Rafe Watts
  3. Tinpanorama
  4. Sadie Macaw (Part 1)
    Ryan Willis, Jonny Purchase, Rafe Watts & George Knapper
  5. The Bird With The Broken Heart (Nobody Knows)
    Ruth Betteridge (with Ryan Willis, Rafe Watts, Jonny Purchase & George Knapper)
  6. Valentine
    George Knapper (with Ryan Willis, Jonny Purchase & Rafe Watts)
  7. Sadie Macaw (Part 2)
    Rafe Watts, Ryan Willis, Jonny Purchase & George Knapper
  8. Old Fashioned Guy
    John Guerrasio & Greg Castiglioni
  9. The Flipper Flap
    Jonny Purchase (with George Knapper, Ryan Willis & Rafe Watts)
  10. Old Fashioned Guy (Reprise)
    John Guerrasio and Jonny Purchase (with Rafe Watts, Ryan Willis & George Knapper)
  11. The Sharpest Smile
    Anna Stolli
  12. Paint A Rainbow
    Joanna Sawyer (with Rafe Watts & Ryan Willis)
  13. Crunchy Crackers
    Greg Castiglioni
  14. On Cloudy Days - Bonus Track
    Ruth Betteridge
  15. Love Birds
    George Knapper, Ruth Betteridge & Company
  16. Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow
    John Guerrasio & Company
  17. Love Birds (Finale)

Released 17th Aug 2015 - Catalogue No: SimGR-CD028

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"An absolutely delightful cast recording. What a hoot! Totally infectious - one of those CDs you seem to have on repeat when you feel like a bit of a lift-me-up. The age of vaudeville has been captured completely and brought to life through the magic of Mr Sherman’s pen. Of course, being directly descended from the legendary Sherman songwriting family, you have no doubt that the apple didn’t fall very far from the tree at all! The cast are superb … wonderful arrangements … No collection should be without this addition - yes, SimG Records have another hit on their hands!"

Nick Wakeham, Musical Theatre Review

"A charming blast from a bygone era. Despite its setting and its 20’s-evocative feel, there are some interesting and fresh-sounding tunes … perky and it’s peppy and full of brio."

Lauren Humphreys, The Public Reviews ✭✭✭✭

"Love Birds marks some gorgeous new musical theatre from Robert J. Sherman. What makes Love Birds take flight is the beauty of Sherman’s music and the immaculate performances of his gifted cast … (captured beautifully in this immaculately engineered recording) … an economically sized band, under Neil Macdonald’s accomplished direction, also deliver excellence. There are some true gems in this recording."

Jonathan Baz, My Theatre Mates ✭✭✭✭

"An original production with elements of nostalgia fit expertly together in creating a show for all ages. The vocal arrangements have been planned to perfection with stunning harmonies throughout … 'Flipper Flap' is extremely catchy … the most enjoyable number is 'Paint A Rainbow', executed wonderfully by Joanna Sawyer. Greg Castiglioni then follows this up with a masterclass in vocal control during 'Crunchy Crackers'. The entire company finish off with the title number, which is equally as harmonious in context and melody."

Jenny Antill, BroadwayWorldUK

8/10 "I would encourage anyone with an interest in musical theatre to have a listen to this, as there is much to like. A great deal of thanks for this album working is due to the performers - all are excellent - and the skillful arranging of Richard Healy. The vocal arrangements on these numbers stands out as one of the best I've heard on a new cast recording … and SimG’s packaging and information really is the best in the business."

Ian Gude, Review Graveyard

"Macaw blimey – this has to be the most quackers show on the Fringe - a short, spirited new musical by Robert J Sherman that’s a real feather in his cap and should tickle all age groups. In this love letter to the vaudeville era … Catchy songs, colourful costumes, a very game (vocally assured) ensemble: all of this gives the Pleasance a soaraway feelgood hit."

Dominic Cavendish, The Telegraph ✭✭✭✭

"Love Birds has all the magic and invention that you'd hope to see from the Sherman dynasty, plus a few contemporary surprises too. The catchy original score will have musical theatre buffs beaming from ear to ear. A glorious reimagining of the vaudeville genre, that's thankfully not just for children."

Paul Vale, The Stage ✭✭✭✭✭