Ms. A SONG CYCLE Concept Recording

'Ms.' is a new musical song cycle conceived by lyricist

Rory Sherman,

with stories inspired by women living with Multiple Sclerosis. The album, in aid of the MS Society UK, showcases 14 different composers from around the world;

Amy Bowie, Paul Boyd, Tamar Broadbent, Bree Lowdermilk, George Maguire, Eamonn O’dwyer, Gianni Onori, Robert J. Sherman, Luke Di Somma, George Stiles, Sarah Travis, Verity Quade, Erin Murray Quinlan


Robbie White;

with musical supervision by

Ellie Verkerk,

and features 14 West End leading ladies.

Each song tells the story of a different woman affected by MS from mothers, daughters, wives, carers and sufferers. MS affects over 100,000 people in the UK alone - 14 people are diagnosed with the disease everyday.

Ms. Concept Recording has been made possible thanks to a generous donation from

Richard O’Brien

(Rocky Horror Show creator).

"I've always wanted to work with Caroline Quentin, knowing she was a great musical performer - and Rory's passion for this unusual and rather brilliant project was infectious. I hope the album reaches a wide audience and brings a little enlightenment about living with this disease. I know it did to me."

George Stiles, composer


  1. The Frayed Chords Of My Life
    sung by Lillie Flynn
  2. Cadenza
    sung by Alexia Khadime
  3. How Can I Tell You?
    sung by Julie Atherton
  4. Mummy’s Not Well
    sung by Lauren Samuels
  5. Commute
    sung by Anna Francolini
  6. What’s That, Jim?
    sung by Caroline Quentin
  7. Perhaps I’m Stronger Than I Think
    sung by Jodie Jacobs
  8. Somewhere Hot
    sung by Siubhan Harrison
  9. My Son’s Secret
    sung by Josefina Gabrielle
  10. A Few Thousand People
    sung by Preeya Kalidas
  11. Tortoise & Hare
    sung by Caroline Sheen
  12. Cerulean Skies
    sung by Laura Pitt-Pulford
  13. Alone In The Dark
    sung by Janie Dee
  14. Mondays
    sung by Rosemary Ashe

Released 9th May 2016 - Catalogue No: SimGR-CD030

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"Mummy's Not Well', sung brilliantly by Lauren Samuels, definitely pulls at the heart strings … Julie Atherton’s powerful performance of 'How Can I Tell You?' is particularly poignant, along with Laura Pitt-Pulford’s vocals on the stunning 'Cerulean Skies’. Emotionally charged and powerful writing featuring some of the best female musical theatre vocalists this country has to offer."

Jenny Ell, BroadwayWorldUK

"a delicately but undeniably powerful collection of stories, that gain in that power from being sung so beautifully … a deeply compelling collection of stories but also a marvellously, and thoughtfully, varied journey of songwriting. Wryly comic numbers rub shoulders with sadder, more reflective songs and throughout the tone is never self-pitying but utterly compassionate … the cream of a very talented crop, coming together to shine much needed light and hopefully increased awareness about MS."

Ian Foster, There Ought To Be Clowns

"[14 leading ladies] you have some idea of the treat you are going to be in for … if it does nothing more than enlighten more people toward the suffering this illness can cause, then it has certainly done its job - although I know that it will also give immense pleasure to those who listen! … it isn’t all doom and gloom - mingled with the heart-breaking lyrics is also a good dose of humour."

Nick Wakeham, Musical Theatre Review

10/10 "The whole album is quality … the singers are the key element here; Caroline Quentin is poignant and hilarious … Jodie Jacobs is moving yet positive … Atherton’s soaring How Can I Tell You ? is probably the stand out track, her voice being perfectly complemented by arrangement and song equally - it’s just perfection. But this album has many such highlights, too many to list. SimG deserve immense recognition - their belief and support in the release of this particular recording deserves an even bigger thanks. It’s very special."

Ian Gude, Review Graveyard

"album is tender and heartfelt … Beautifully sung in its entirety … deeply compelling and powerful. ‘How Can I Tell’ sung with great poignancy … ‘My Son’s Secret’ is delightful and humorous … Sherman links the different composers work together, making the album feel like a whole … the prospect of its development is exciting."

Holly Spanner, The Reviews Hub