Molly Wobbly’s Tit Factory

is an original titillating musical tale of three very ordinary couples who live on Mammary Lane. When a mysterious stranger appears in the town of Little Happening the local men suddenly find themselves plotting to get rid of their wives, whilst the women of the town are left with no option but to get one or two things off their chests! Written and directed by

Paul Boyd

and featuring the original Lyric Belfast / Edinburgh Festival cast

Christopher Finn, Tara Flynn, Orla Gormley, Kevin Hynes, Conleth Kane, Russell Morton, Tommy Wallace

and Olivier winner

Leanne Jones

, the production received wonderful 4-5 star reviews at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012.

This hilariously graphic musical adventure takes a satirical swipe at a society that considers beauty to be only skin deep. If you like ‘The Witches of Eastwick’, ‘Desperate Housewives’, ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ or ‘Sweeney Todd’ … you’ll love this!

"Thanks to the generosity of everyone involved, all royalties from sales of this album will be donated to the Terrence Higgins Trust."


  1. Prologue/Opening Credits
    Russell Morton & Company
  2. Mammary Lane (i)
  3. Little Happening
    Tara Flynn, Orla Gormley & Leanne Jones
  4. Mammary Lane (ii)
  5. Catholic Girl
    Russell Morton, Tara Flynn, Tommy Wallace & Conleth Kane
  6. Little Happening High
  7. Presbyterian Minister’s Wife
    Orla Gormley & Company
  8. Off My Chest (i)
  9. Trust Yourself To Me (i)
    Russell Morton, Tara Flynn, Orla Gormley & Leanne Jones
  10. Off My Chest (ii)
  11. One Day Without Her
    Christopher Finn, Conleth Kane & Kevin Hynes
  12. It’s A Sign (i)
  13. It’s A Sign (ii)
  14. Guardian Angel
    Tommy Wallace, Orla Gormley, Leanne Jones, & Conleth Kane
  15. Trust Yourself To Me (ii)
    Russell Morton, Conleth Kane, Christopher Finn & Kevin Hynes
  16. One Night Stand
    Tommy Wallace
  17. Designed By Margaret Brown
    Leanne Jones & Kevin Hynes
  18. Ithanku’s Story
  19. Molly Wobbly
    Tara Flynn
  20. Mammary Lane (iii)

Released 22nd October 2012 - Catalogue Number: SimGR-CD014

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"[album is] expertly produced … I was gripped and literally laughing out loud in parts … I would highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates new musical theatre. I sincerely hope the show has another outing very soon so I can go and see it!"


"giddy new musical … old-school musical comedy that's been laced with a contemporary musical sensibility … the tunes are delivered with unabashed glee"


"brilliantly catchy … comical, musical and consistent to the genre of musical theatre. Good music, good lyrics, it has a bizarre but humorous storyline but it will certainly put a smile on your face. Titillating and enjoyable!"

Public Reviews

10/10 "the production received wonderful reviews at Edinburgh, and the recording deserves no less praise … cast is superb … All in all, a gem of a recording. If only life were always as colourful and silly as this!"

Review Graveyard

"f you want a new musical that will put a smile on your face then you have just found it … songs are all really tuneful and catchy and the lyrics are very funny and clever … get hold of this album and judge for yourself – I don’t think you’d be disappointed."

Musical Theatre Review

"this show is probably the funniest and most enjoyable piece of theatre I have seen for some time … gloriously depraved and downright hilarious ... the writing is fantastic … big, bold and brash ... a tour-de-force of hilarity!"

BroadwayBaby ✭✭✭✭✭

"there could be the potential of a cult following ... perhaps an alternative to Rocky Horror."

One4Review ✭✭✭✭✭

"a wonderful amalgamation of all things I love about musical theatre … fresh, catchy and quirky ... pure fabulousness."

ThreeWeeks ✭✭✭✭✭

"all the cast give stellar performances … the score is rich and the songs catchy ... camp to the extreme … outrageous, irreverent and zany."

British Theatre Guide ✭✭✭✭

"cleverly hilarious sentiment ... stupidly funny … catchy with just the right undertones of cleverly hilarious sentiment."

Edinburgh Guide ✭✭✭✭

"Boyd is an exceptionally talented composer and lyricist … undoubtedly one of the better new musicals."

Edinburgh Festival Journal ✭✭✭✭

"glorious ... a colourful explosion of song."

Belfast Telegraph ✭✭✭✭