Acoustic Overtures CD


Dougal Irvine

is an award winning new writer of British Musical Theatre. His first musical ‘Departure Lounge’ has played New York, Chicago and London, and his second musical ‘In Touch’ played the Edinburgh Festival 2011 and Premiered in London at the Bridewell Theatre presented by the MTA. Other work includes lyrics on ‘Britain’s Got Bhangra’ and was resident composer at Northampton. His debut ‘songs of’ album features 12 previously unrecorded songs specially selected from Dougal’s catalogue of work, with brand new arrangements by Peter White, and performances by leading West End actors;

Julie Atherton, Samantha Barks, Annalene Beechey, Daniel Boys, Sarah Earnshaw, Ashleigh Gray, Ross Hunter, Michael Jibson, Sarah Lark, Rebecca Lock, Cassie McIvor, Amy Pemberton, Stuart Matthew Price, Lauren Samuels,


George Ure

, plus a special album foreword by

Stephen Fry.

"I was completely entranced … Dougal’s music can be parodic and witty as well as deeply lyrical or fabulously uplifting, rousing and anthemic too … completely original in tone, style and manner. You hear no ghostly footfalls of Sondheim or Menken, just the original voice of a wonderful composer/lyricist."

Stephen Fry


  1. Mr Musical
    Amy Pemberton
  2. Clean Cut Rapper
    Dougal Irvine
  3. Two Faces
    Ashleigh Gray
  4. Silence And The Rain
    Cassie McIvor & Daniel Boys
  5. The Morning After You Do It
    Ross Hunter
  6. Megan’s Hero
    Lauren Samuels
  7. Tir Na N’og
    Samantha Barks & Dougal Irvine
  8. Simple
    Michael Jibson
  9. Do You Want A Baby, Baby?
    Julie Atherton
  10. Mermaids
    Annalene Beechey & Rebecca Lock
  11. We Need Love
    Sarah Earnshaw, Sarah Lark,
    Stuart Matthew Price & George Ure

  12. Bonus Track:
  13. Song For Friends
    Dougal Irvine

Released 1st November 2011 - Catalogue Number: SimGR-CD07

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"This compilation of tunes showcases Dougal’s talent for crafting theater songs with a decided pop flair, particularly in gentle ballads like ‘Silence and the Rain’ (gracefully delivered by Cassie McIvor and Daniel Boys) and the more rock-infused "Do You Want a Baby Baby?" (performed by a powerhouse Julie Atherton). His lyrics can have a colloquial quality that cuts straight to the emotional core of his serious numbers."

Andy Propst, TheaterMania

"Irvine is a breath of fresh air … ‘Mermaids’ is a delicately entrancing duet, the gorgeous voices of Annalene Beechey and Rebecca Lock intertwining intricately and ‘We Need Love’ is a rousing four-part number that will bring the curtain down on the show In Touch in great style with its combination of heartfelt emotion and soaring vocal lines, realised perfectly by Sarah Earnshaw, Sarah Lark, Stuart Matthew Price and George Ure. With both these numbers, Irvine demonstrates how well he can capture moments of striking theatre through song, particularly with multi-voice songs, and doing it in a genuinely original way: ‘Acoustic Overtures’ thus gets a top recommendation from me."

Ian Foster, Ought To Be Clowns

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