All Things In Time CD

ALL THINGS IN TIME Stuart Matthew Price

West End actor

Stuart Matthew Price’s

debut album is an outstanding selection of songs by leading contemporary musical theatre writers from Britain and America. Featuring 14 tracks, 9 of which are previously unrecorded songs - including work by

Scott Alan, Jason Robert Brown, Grant Olding, Georgia Stitt, Richard Taylor, Laurence Mark Wythe

- 11 feature the original composers accompanying Stuart and all have brand new arrangements. Guest vocalists are the West End's

Annalene Beechey



Louise Dearman

(‘Wicked’) and Broadway's

Caissie Levy

(‘Ghost’), plus a special album foreword by acclaimed Broadway composer

Jason Robert Brown.

"People just don't sing like Stuart does, and even great singers don't manage to convey the emotional depth that Stuart effortlessly summons … Stuart is a composer's best friend – he can bring so many different facets of a character to light, and imply all the mystery hidden around the corners. I feel extremely fortunate that I got to work with Stuart so early in what will certainly be a stellar career."

Jason Robert Brown


  1. The Old Red Hills Of Home
    by Jason Robert Brown

    featuring Jason Robert Brown at the piano
  2. The Touch Of Love*
    by Dougal Irvine

    featuring Dougal Irvine on guitar
  3. Goodnight Kiss*
    by Laurence Mark Wythe

    featuring Laurence Mark Wythe at the piano
  4. Angels *
    by Richard Taylor

    featuring Richard Taylor at the piano – duet with Annalene Beechey
  5. There’s A World / I'm Alive
    by Tom Kitt & Brian Yorkey
  6. Greenwich Time
    by Sam Davis & Randy Buck

    featuring Sam Davis at the piano
  7. Free
    by Scott Alan

    duet with Louise Dearman
  8. Sonnet XXIX*
    by Georgia Stitt & William Shakespeare

    featuring Georgia Stitt at the piano
  9. Hope Springs Eternal*
    by Richard Beadle

    featuring Richard Beadle at the piano
  10. Run Away With Me
    by Brian Lowdermilk & Kait Kerrigan
  11. Wishing For The Normal
    by George Stiles & Anthony Drewe

    featuring George Stiles at the piano – duet with Caissie Levy
  12. Midnight Will Happen Without Us*
    by Grant Olding

    featuring Grant Olding at the piano
  13. All Things In Time*
    by Jason Robert Brown

    featuring Jason Robert Brown at the piano

  14. Bonus Track:
  15. Autumn Days*
    Written & played by Stuart Matthew Price
*previously unrecorded song

Released 27th August 2010 - Catalogue Number: SimGR-CD03

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"Superb new solo album ... glorious celebration of new musical theatre writing."

Mark Shenton, The Stage

"In these days of slick generic show voices Price stands out for his individual and excitingly immediate sound … a voice which looks you straight in the eye and tells it like it is with every song. That nine of those songs are first recordings only adds to the allure of this outstanding debut album. Price digs deep: the words matter, the emotional subtexts run high. The beautiful finisher - Jason Robert Brown's aspirational 'All Things in Time' with Brown himself at the piano - is alone worth the price of the disc."

Edward Seckerson, The Independent

"10 out of 10. Why can’t all solo albums be this good? Stuart is a talent of a generation amply evident in each and every moment of this exemplary album. The duets are all divine too, with Louise Dearman, Cassie Levy and Annalene Beechey proving why they are West End leading ladies of the highest order. It’s a lesson - and a master class. 'All Things in Time' is a breath of fresh air … catch it while you can."

Pat Cerasaro, BroadwayWorld

"Price's clarion tones take on a variety of colors on this fantastic album showcasing contemporary musical theater composers. Among the myriad highlights are a soul-stirring version of ‘The Old Red Hills of Home’, featuring composer Brown at the piano; and ‘Goodnight Kiss’, with songwriter Wythe at the piano and featuring Price at his most touchingly vulnerable. Annalene Beechey and Louise Dearman also join Price for two lovely duets."

Andy Propst, TheaterMania

"It is very frustrating to know, that while the general public are continually fed the miserably small talents of Katherine Jenkins, Russell Watson and Susan Boyle as being “special”, glorious vocal talent such as is displayed on this fine CD is largely ignored. Stuart possesses a voice of considerable range and colour, combined with a fine histrionic ability ... This is a great album for the lovers of “serious” modern Musical Theatre songs (14 soul-searching and passionate), sung here by the clear tenor voice of a true Musical Theatre artiste."

Ken Caswell, Musical Stages

"I honestly think it's one of the very best solo CDs a musical theatre star has produced in this country."

George Stiles (Composer)

"A brilliant new voice in musical theatre singing a collection of songs, and every one a gem."

Grant Olding (Composer & Lyricist)

"This is not just a solo album, it's a landmark for the art form."

Dougal Irvine (Composer & Lyricist)

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