Beyond The Gate CD

BEYOND THE GATE An Original Musical Revue

Beyond The Gate

was conceived by Mercury Musical Developments and The Gate Theatre. In early 2011 a workshop revue was presented at The Gate to showcase the songwriting skills of some of the best writers in Britain - from the established

Don Black, Frank Lazarus, Richard Stilgoe

, to the rising talent

Craig Adams, Dougal Irvine, Stuart Matthew Price, Tim Sutton

. The revue was based around Ancient Greece and MMD members submitted a broad range of material; including contemporary songs about what it means to be a hero, odes to Helen, both comic and yearning, cries from embittered soldiers, and songs about mythical adventurers and Kings such as Paris, Achilles and Menaleus. The original cast recording stars

David Burt

(‘Kiss Me Kate’ at Chichester),

Stuart Matthew Price

(‘Parade’ at the Donmar) and

Cath Whitefield

(‘Hedda’ at the Gate), and features beautiful arrangements by Tony winner

Sarah Travis

(‘Sweeney Todd’ on Broadway).

‘Stories Of Heroes’ written by Stuart Matthew Price went on to win the acclaimed Tim Williams song writing award in June 2011.

Proceeds from sales go directly to Mercury Musical Developments to help fund future projects.


  1. Did It Really Happen?
    Music by Sarah Travis, Lyrics by Don Black
  2. Siren Song
    Music by Cathy Shostak, Lyrics by Chris Burgess
  3. Horse Whispers
    Music & Lyrics by Tim Sutton
  4. Dear Helen
    Music & Lyrics by Craig Adams
  5. Menelaus Weeps
    Music & Lyrics by James Humphreys
  6. It’s Not About Him
    Music & Lyrics by Richard Stilgoe
  7. Helen’s Apologia
    Music & Lyrics by Maurice Chernick
  8. This Baby Sleeps
    Music & Lyrics by John Farndon
  9. The Boat To Troy
    Music & Lyrics by Dougal Irvine
  10. Out On The Balcony
    Music by Eric Angus, Lyrics by Paul James
  11. Helen
    Music & Lyrics by Frank Lazarus
  12. Cassandra’s Lament
    Music & Lyrics by Gwyneth Herbert
  13. Stories Of Heroes
    Music & Lyrics by Stuart Matthew Price

Released 21st March 2011 - Catalogue Number: SimGR-CD05

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"Beyond The Gate, a sweet, occasionally deep, compilation of new material … some is gorgeous … staged with simply elegance … Stuart Matthew Price once again proves an invaluable vocal presence & Cath Whitefield is tremendous."

Mark Shenton, The Stage

"Truly excellent ... a feast of imagination and pride in new British composition."

The Audience Club

"If anyone ever doubted the depth and invention of book and song writing talent in this country then an hour spent at ‘Beyond The Gate: An Original Musical Revue’ - will have put them right."

Edward Seckerson, The Independent

"marvelously satisfying revue, for which the songs all take their inspiration from Greek mythology, is gamely performed by David Burt, Stuart Matthew Price, and Cath Whitefield. Highlights include Sutton's comic imagining of what the men might have talked about inside the Trojan Horse, Herbert's haunting Kate Bush-like musical soliloquy, ‘Casandra's Lament’, and Stilgoe's ‘It's Not About Him’, which could be sung by any of the queens of the ancient tales, provided they offered their thoughts in the style of a 1950s cocktail music ballad."

Andy Propst,

"Anyone interested in the future (and present) of British musical theatre should take a listen to ‘Beyond the Gate’. Black and Stilgoe are joined by talented newcomers Irvine, Adams, Sutton, Herbert and Price. You may not have heard of them yet, but you will; and here’s a great place to start."

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