GABRIEL Studio Cast Recording

With music and lyrics by

Andrew Fisher

and book by

Andrew Fisher


Nick Stimson,

this new two-act Christmas musical tells the Nativity story from the point of view of an ambitious angel Gabriel.

Gabriel is given the job of relaying messages from Heaven to Earth as they arrive, and in this task sees his chance to earn his much longed for promotion to the status of archangel. But Gabriel has no idea of what is actually coming, and, indeed, has his own set of expectations about how God ought to do it. Roman Palaces, luxury, raised by philosophers, every possible privilege – that must be the plan, right?


is a fun, upbeat, and inspiring family musical, recorded at Baker Street Studios, the 26 track studio cast recording stars

Daniel Boys

as Gabriel, alongside

James Gillan, Joel Montague, Kit Orton, Stuart Matthew Price, Lauren Samuels, Ben Stock, Stephen Weller,

and multi Olivier award-winner

David Bedella

as King Herod, and comes complete with a full colour booklet, cast photographs, and synopsis.


is the third Andrew Fisher project released by SimG Records, past reviews:

The Little Fox

✭✭✭✭✭ "beautifully written"

Musical Theatre Review

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✭✭✭✭ "quite extraordinary"




  1. Heaven Has a Plan
  2. Mary
  3. I Bring Word
  4. Why Choose Me?
  5. Mary (Reprise)
  6. Following The Star
  7. The Wedding
  8. Roman Bureaucrat
  9. Herod’s Crib
  10. Bow Down
  11. Onwards!

  12. ACT TWO

  13. Make Hay!
  14. I Spy
  15. Push!
  16. The Birth
  17. He’s My Son
  18. Myrrh, Incense, Gold
  19. Why Choose Me? (Reprise)
  20. Find Another Route
  21. Political Necessity
  22. He’s My Son (Reprise)
  23. Empty Throne
  24. One Day
  25. A Tale Of Wonders / Onwards
  26. Heaven’s Plan’s A Mystery
  27. One Day (Reprise)

Released 14th December 2020 - Catalogue No: SimGR-CD039

LISTEN NOW... to a selection of tracks from the album

"The storytelling through music is extremely strong … orchestrations are nothing short of sublime - that, paired with the leading West End cast, is a winning formula … creatively strong in all areas … great melodies and catchy bass lines … Boys is a perfect fit, Samuels provides phenomenal vocals, and Bedella is expertly cast as Herod and a talented chorus, who are the glue who pull everything together … I'd love to see a fully staged production of the musical in the near future."

Jenny Ell, BroadwayWorldUK

8/10 "This really is a fun recording … some great performances … Boys is always dependable and comes across great here as Gabriel, as does Price as Joseph. Gillan’s Roman Governer is worth getting the recording for on it’s own, and I also enjoyed the mothers … great humour in the score, and I had a good giggle to ‘I Spy’ - very well written. My favourite is without doubt ‘One Day’ - very powerful sound, and great vocals from the company, lead by Boys. A great listen for this time of the year - and a great tonic at the moment!"

Ian Gude, Review Graveyard

✭✭✭✭ "an interesting retelling with a stellar cast ... a good mix of solos, duets and group songs ... familiar names Boys & Samuels show everyone just how talented they are ... Samuels as Mary steals the show with her exceptional vocals ... Gillan plays a wonderfully snivelling sidekick, his ‘Roman Bureaucrat’ is just a delight … a lively and upbeat soundtrack with some exceptional ballads mixed in too!"

Emma Littler, West End Best Friend

✭✭✭✭✭ "Something for everyone. An exceptional cast take us through this retelling with songs from every genre thrown in for good measure. There is much humour in the piece and it trots along at a good pace. Boys/Bedella/Price/Samuels all flesh out their characters in grand style … special mention to the shepherds (Gillan/Montague/Orton) who add some very welcome comic touches."

Nick Wakeham, Musical Theatre Review

✭✭✭✭ "opening number is rousing and upbeat, and this momentum is maintained throughout the first half and well into the second … plenty of enjoyable moments … many elements of this story are relatable to the modern world … ingenious to try to tell the story from the perspective of Gabriel … a lively and spirited recording."

Chris Omaweng, LondonTheatre1