LOVE, LIES & LYRICS The Words Of Lesley Ross

Lesley Ross

has written for the National Theatre, the Welsh National Opera, BBC Radio Drama, Theatre Royal Plymouth, HTV Wales and a host of other theatre companies around Britain and abroad. He is currently developing his musical ‘Polly the Scottish Trolley Dolly’ as a screenplay, as well as three new musicals featured on this recording, and his children’s book written with composer John-Victor, ‘Barry the Penguin’s Black and White Christmas’, was released by Perfect Pitch Musicals.

Love, Lies & Lyrics

is a ‘limited edition’ 25 track CD, that covers over a dozen original British musicals. This wonderfully eclectic recording features the music of

Mark Aspinall, Matthew Brind, John-Victor, James Williams,



and stars 30 West End vocalists including;

Madalena Alberto


Annalene Beechey


Daniel Boys

(Avenue Q),

Kieran Brown


Sarah Earnshaw


Jodie Jacobs


Garry Lake

(We Will Rock You),

Sarah Lark

(Les Mis),

Aaron Lee Lambert

(Miss Saigon),

Rebecca Lock

(Mamma Mia!),

Haydn Oakley

(Women On The Verge),

Laura Pitt-Pulford

(Seven Brides),

Sophia Ragavelas


Jon Robyns


Alex Tomkins


and many more.


  1. Pick A Ticket!
    Susannah van den Berg, Gregory Ashton, Rachel Bingham & Haydn Oakley
  2. Upside Down
    Zoe Curlett
  3. And In My Heart
    Nigel Richards
  4. Him In 23B
    Suzanne Procter
  5. At The Penguin Café
    Llio Millward & Haydn Oakley
  6. More Of Me
    Kate Hume & Aaron Lee Lambert
  7. Victoria Red
    Rebekah Hinds
  8. Someone For Me
    Zoe Curlett & Keiron Crook, with Laura Jane Cook
  9. My Kind Of World
    Simon Willmont
  10. Song For Someone
    Annalene Beechey
  11. Everything In Order Now
    Richard Colvin
  12. Moments
    Alex Tomkins & Carly Cook
  13. Stories
    Richard Colvin, Rebecca Lock, Alex Tomkins & Carly Cook
  14. Somewhere
    Sarah Earnshaw & Sarah Lark
  15. Harry’s Dream
    Kieran Brown
  16. The Taste Of All Them Children
    Tabitha Wady & Garry Lake with Rebekah Hinds
  17. I Will Be There
    Madalena Alberto
  18. Toujours A Toi
    Daniel Boys & Kate Hume
  19. The Girl Inside Of Me
    Sophia Ragavelas
  20. The Polar Bears Are Smiling
    Simon Willmont
  21. For All Time
    Jon Robyns & Jodie Jacobs
  22. Why Do Whores Only Sing In Musicals?
    Rebekah Hinds, Laura Jane Cook, Susannah van den Berg, Carly Cook & Laura Pitt-Pulford
  23. A Marvel (Come To This)
    Liz May Brice
  24. Flesh
    Laura Pitt-Pulford
  25. Living Like Lesbians
    Suzanne Procter

Released 11th May 2015 - Catalogue No: SimGR-CD024

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"Emotive ballads sit elegantly alongside high energy show stoppers and the witty lyrics … ‘Song for Someone’ is sad and happy at the same time - even moments after the opening bars, you know something magical is about to begin … It is high time that lesser known British musicals are brought to the forefront of attention, and once again SimG have come through in their support for new British writing. With a stellar cast and a great selection of songs, this is an album which everyone should pay attention to, taking a moment to pause and reflect on the lyrics. ‘Love, Lies & Lyrics’ is a musical pic n’ mix which leaves you itching for more. Unique!"

The Public Reviews


"In every number on the album, there is a strong marriage between the words and the music … the recording gives us a variety of musical styles to enjoy … storytelling within the songs are powerful. Many of the songs are like bitesize morsels that leave you wanting more. They are succinct and perfectly formed without being overly complex. There's plenty of wit, emotion and playfulness throughout; making Ross and the various composers incredibly versatile. The delivery of the lyrics is incredibly important and the selection of vocalists chosen do this superbly. There are classic ballads such as 'Song for Someone' sung by the stunning Annalene Beechey and 'I Will Be There' performed beautifully by Madalena Alberto; tongue-and-cheek and clever lyrics found in 'The Taste of All Them Children' along with Latin influences in 'Him in 23B' and 'Living Like Lesbians'. These are only a few elements crammed into this album that just keeps on giving."


10/10 "extremely listenable and enjoyable, and in places the writing is pure brilliance. Vocal talent across the album is top notch, and with names like Annalene Beechey and The Sarahs Earnshaw and Lark, nothing less should be expected. This album delivers on all levels, and I cannot recommend it enough."

Review Graveyard

"With its diverse collection of musical styles there is one common denominator running through – Ross’ witty lyrics. This isn’t to say that it is one comic song after another – some are bitter sweet but still with some clever lyrics and never becoming maudlin. A plethora of talent! So, what about the album itself? Even with all this talent, does it work? Yes, it does. It makes me want to keep an eye on what is coming from Ross’ pen in the future."

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