My Land's Shore CD

MY LAND'S SHORE Studio Cast Recording

This passionate new musical for Wales is a tale of conflict, social injustice, moral dilemmas, guilt, love and heartbreak, with music & lyrics by

Christopher J Orton

and book & lyrics by

Robert Gould

. Starring a wonderful collection of current and future West End stars, led by

Jonathan Williams

(‘Les Miserables’), with

Killian Donnelly


Kelly-Anne Gower

(‘Blood Brothers’),

Andy Hockley


Alexis James

(‘War Of The Worlds’),

Sarah Lark


Kit Orton


Rhiannon Sarah Porter

(‘Les Miserables’) and

Gareth Richards

(‘Thorn Birds’), plus a glorious choir of nearly fifty West End voices.

"I was involved in staging a Concert Production of ‘My Land’s Shore’ back in 2007. I was drawn in by its powerful story and beautiful, soaring score...a Welsh Les Mis!"

Craig Revel Horwood (Director/Choreographer)

"It's about time there was a musical set in Wales! This has grit, panache, melody and a big future. A musical for Wales and hopefully the world!"

Caroline Sheen (Award-winning Actress)


  1. Burning
    Killian Donnelly, Alexis James, Jonathan Williams,
    Gareth Richards, Kit Orton & Ensemble
  2. The Way Things Are
    Rhiannon Sarah Porter
  3. Still Even Now
    Kelly-Anne Gower
  4. Make Wales Proud
    Gareth Richards, Jonathan Williams & Ensemble
  5. I Promise
    Kit Orton
  6. Love On The Edge Of Our Tears
    Rhiannon Sarah Porter & Jonathan Williams
  7. Play With War
    Alexis James
  8. The War Machines
    Alexis James
  9. I Know I Love Him
    Kelly-Anne Gower, Sarah Lark & Rhiannon Sarah Porter
  10. The Trial
    Andy Hockley, Jonathan Williams, Alexis James & Ensemble
  11. My Land’s Shore
    Jonathan Williams
  12. I Don’t Know What To Tell You
    Kit Orton & Kelly-Anne Gower
  13. Who Is There To Blame But Me?
    Jonathan Williams & Alexis James
  14. The Honesty Of Love
    Gareth Richards & Sarah Lark
  15. The Gallows / This Is It
    Alexis James & Jonathan Williams
  16. Finale
    Killian Donnelly, Sarah Lark, Kit Orton,
    Rhiannon Sarah Porter & Ensemble

Released 6th February 2012 - Catalogue Number: SimGR-CD010

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"Orton & Gould have written a soaring, passionate and hauntingly melodic score for a story which, though set in 1831, has a resonance and relevance in today's Eurozone era. In this musical from Wales, the land of song, it is great to witness two emerging songwriters with the drive to see their project through to fruition."

George Stiles & Anthony Drewe (Olivier winning writing team)

"This concept recording is an anthem induced sample of the new Welsh musical, passionate ballads and soaring vocals. ‘Burning’ paints the industrial landscape of a working-class Wales and immediately grabs your attention ... ‘The Way Things Are’ is beautiful, a clean and clear vocal, stirring an image of the young women who struggled with the decisions of the men who surrounded them. Jonathan Williams is a perfectly-cast, powerful voice, bringing impassioned clarity ... This score has a number of emotive duets, highlighting the effects the uprising had on each individual concerned, a moment that brought a particular tear to my eye."

M is For, Magazine

"Without a doubt, this is one of the most striking recordings I've been asked to review for a long time. The orchestration and writing are full ... Great textures, great scoring … Recording values are top quality, as is the packaging. The musical numbers progress the story nicely, and are, without exception, performed with passion and believability. All in all, one of the strongest new musical recordings I've heard in many years. 10/10."

Ian Gude, Review Graveyard

"Orton's music has a churning bombast that's both appropriate for the industrial setting of the piece, and also strangely retro (bringing to mind the mega-musicals of the late 1980s). The disc features a fine company that delivers the score with brio, particularly Kelly-Anne Gower and Sarah Lark as the women who struggle alongside the men they love."

Andy Propst, TheaterMania

"Williams is a brilliant choice to lead the musical. He possesses a phenomenal voice which is powerfully expressive ... there are also some vocally-beautiful ballads ... the whole score is a demanding sing, but the strength of their vocals more than match the strength of this musical and though the songs range from soft, tender ballads to epic, rousing numbers, Orton’s music is always passionate and rich. The poignant lyrics and full-blooded music, combined with the force of the story and the cast’s exceptional vocals have created an exquisite piece of musical theatre. ‘My Land’s Shore’ is new writing at its best."

Julie Robinson, Public Reviews

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