One Voice CD

ONE VOICE Stephen De Martin

Stephen became a household name in the UK thanks to the huge success of his band

4 Poofs and a Piano

. His debut album

One Voice

features a wonderful mix of musical theatre and pop – from Kelly Clarkson to Neil Sedaka, Peter Allen to Barry Manilow. Stephen is joined on three tracks by his fellow band members giving their unique backing vocals, and the album features brand new arrangements by Steve Edis & Roland Anderson.


  1. Not The Boy Next Door *
    by Peter Allen & Dean Pitchford
  2. One Night Only *
    by Henry Krieger & Tom Eyen
  3. Please Don’t Ask Me
    by G Goble
  4. Mr Wonderful
    by Bock, Weiss & Holofcener
  5. Love Will Keep Us Together *
    by Neil Sedaka & Howard Greenfield
  6. Words He Doesn't Say
    by Keith Herrmann & Barry Harman
  7. To Where You Are
    by Richard Marx & Linda Thompson
  8. Our Last Summer
    by Björn Ulvaeus & Benny Andersson
  9. Because Of You
    by Kelly Clarkson, David Hodges, Ben Moody
  10. How Can I Change Your Mind
    by Neil Sedaka
  11. You Are The Music Of My Life
    by Neil Sedaka
  12. One Voice
    by Barry Manilow
* featuring David, Ian & David from 4 Poofs and a Piano

Released 29th November 2010 - Catalogue Number: SimGR-CD04

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"A hugely versatile voice. Strong, muscular and heartbreakingly tender."


"Oozes charm sophistication and bonhomie."


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