Stand Tall EP CD

STAND TALL A Rock Musical (EP)

Stand Tall

is a contemporary re-telling of the David & Goliath biblical tale with a rock/pop score written by

Lee Wyatt-Buchan, Aldie & Sandy Chalmers

. This limited edition 4 track EP stars a studio cast of top West End vocalists;

Nicola Hughes

(‘Fosse’, ‘Chicago’) as Black Sheep,

Ross Hunter

(‘We Will Rock You’, ‘Legally Blonde’) as David,

Owain Williams

(‘Les Miserables’, ‘Phantom’) as Goliath and

Asheligh Gray

(‘Wicked’, ‘I Dreamed A Dream’) as Mia, with Musical Direction and arrangements by

Peter White.

Stand Tall

(previously known as ‘David V Goliath’) won the Princess Diana Anti-Bullying Award in 2010.

  1. Time To Talk
    Nicola Hughes & Ross Hunter

  2. Goliath’s Song
    Owain Williams

  3. So Indecisive
    Ashleigh Gray

  4. Stronger Than This
    Nicola Hughes

Released 6th June 2011 - Catalogue Number: SimGR-CD06

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"Stand Tall is a fun and entertaining musical with a serious undertone that speaks to both the bullied and the bully. All four songs here address the very relevant issue of bullying in different ways, confronting it head-on in an effort to break down the barriers and create an awareness of how each side is affected. It is a welcome occurrence to have a show with such a profoundly strong and pertinent message which is easily accessible to everyone, adults and children alike, and the demo EP provides a marvellous introduction to this innovative musical. White’s arrangements are a joy, imbuing the score with a rich and appreciative sound: after a taste of the music and delightful cast, you will be fervently awaiting the full thirteen-track recording, as well as news of the staged production – one feels that it cannot come soon enough!"

Julie Robinson, Public Reviews

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