THE A-Z OF MRS P Original London Cast Recording


is the moving story of how Phyllis Pearsall embraced a city and faced her mentor and nemesis to find her own feet. In 1936, Phyllis left her husband in Venice and came to find her way in London. Then she received a telegram from her father, map publisher Alexander Gross. And here begins the story of how an eccentric Bohemian artist put down her paints, picked up the drawing board to follow in her beloved and impossible father’s footsteps to map an entire city, and went on to build an iconic business midst the tangled labyrinths of a troubled family saga.

Both award-winners in their own right, singer/composer Gwyneth Herbert

(The Sea Cabinet)

and playwright/author Diane Samuels


have joined forces to bring to life the extraordinary autobiographies of Phylis Pearsall in this new British musical. Directed by Olivier & Tony nominee Sam Bruntrock

(Sunday In The Park With George)

and starring the Southwark Playhouse cast; Isy Suttie

(Peep Show)

as the pioneering Mrs P, Tony winner Frances Ruffelle

(Les Miserables),

Michael Matus

(Sound Of Music),

Stuart Matthew Price, Ian Caddick, Sarah Earnshaw, Max Gallagher, Sidney Livingstone, and Dawn Sievewright.


  1. Best Foot Forward
    Isy Suttie & Company
  2. It Depends How You Look At It / Painting Song
    Isy Suttie & Company
  3. Bus Song
    Isy Suttie, Ian Caddick & Company
  4. Alexander Gross
    Michael Matus & Company
  5. Lovely London Town
    Isy Suttie & Company
  6. A Girl Needs A Husband
    Isy Suttie
  7. Something Kind Of
    Michael Matus & Frances Ruffelle
  8. Indexing Lovely London Town
    Isy Suttie & Company
  9. Magic and Mystery / Profit and Property
    Frances Ruffelle, Isy Suttie, Michael Matus
    & Stuart Matthew Price
  10. Draughtsman’s Song
    Sidney Livingstone
  11. This Is Your Time
    Sidney Livingstone, Isy Suttie & Company
  12. I Am a Representative
    Isy Suttie & Company
  13. Galloping Galloping
    Frances Ruffelle
  14. The Softness Of Women
    Michael Matus
  15. Galloping Galloping / The Softness Of Women (Reprise)
    Frances Ruffelle & Michael Matus
  16. Can You Hear Me, Mama?
    Isy Suttie & Stuart Matthew Price
  17. I’m Not A Callous Man
    Michael Matus
  18. Ship Comes In
    Isy Suttie

  19. Bonus Track:
  20. Nothing Much To Say
    performed by Gwyneth Herbert

Released 24th March 2014 - Catalogue No: SimGR-CD022

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"The overall production level of this recording is superb. The company demonstrate excellent workmanship and ensemble work throughout and their backing vocals are beautiful … Isy Suttie draws every emotion from the music … Frances Ruffelle and Michael Matus also feature as Phyllis' parents Bella and Sandor and deliver compelling performances … a stellar creative team."


"Suttie delivers excellently as Mrs P … intricate wordplay and original melodies … a notable entry into the world of musical theatre for Herbert"

The Public Reviews

"The piece is expertly crafted and has an infectious score that demands to be heard more than once … The cast is immaculate, especially Isy Suttie … orchestrations are cleverly carried out, giving the impression of all the hustle, bustle, endless walking etc associated with the story … For those who are excited by new material coming to the musical stage, you should get yourself a copy straight away."

Musical Theatre Review

7/10 "The material is clever, enjoyable, and there is a lot to listen to and to enjoy … songs are well constructed, witty and benefit from the excellent arrangements by Sarah Travis and the composer … cast are excellent … another quality product from SimG."

Review Graveyard

"Suttie’s charming vocals … Herbert has written a score that somehow manages to simultaneously capture the sound and energy of London and a delicate English garden"

Broadway Direct

"Herbert’s character-driven score is accomplished — melodious (particularly the lilting and already award-winning ‘Lovely London Town’), articulate and fun."

The Times

"Isy Suttie has real charm – as does the whole show"

The Independent

"There’s a real heart to the production, particularly in its tender portrait of Pearsall, whom Isy Suttie invests with a stunning blend of the gauche and sincere, the knowing and the vulnerable."

The Stage