The Confession Room CD


The Confession Room

is a new original British musical about a group of people who come to The Confession Room to spill their most embarrassing confessions and stories. Written by Dan Looney and Patrick Wilde (with additional lyrics by Reece Looney & Sam Champness), featuring 21 tracks including the Stiles & Drewe Song Prize nominated song ‘Excalibur93’, and starring West End regulars

Anne-Jane Casey

(‘Billy Elliot’),

Dean Chisnall


Alex Gaumond

(‘We Will Rock You’),

Ross Hunter

(‘Rock Of Ages’) and more.

Acclaimed American composer Bobby Cronin described Dan Looney's music as

"Clever, witty, heartfelt, melodic, passionate, humorous, universal, and more. He is someone to watch out for!"


  1. Overture
  2. Confession Room Part 1
    Dean Chisnall, Stephanie Clift, Steven Bush, Natalie Bush, Joshua Lovell & Company
  3. Confession Room Part 2
    Joshua Lovell & Company
  4. In Bed
    Ben Fenner & Joshua Lovell
  5. Ditsy Blonde
    Stephanie Clift
  6. Happy-Go-Lucky
    Anna-Jane Casey & Company
  7. Plus 70 Women
    Ross Hunter
  8. Through The Bakery Window
    Devon-Elise Johnson
  9. Act 1 Finalé
    Joshua Lovell & Company
  10. Entr’acte
  11. Let Me Just Dream
    Devon-Elise Johnson, Stephanie Clift, Natalie Bush & Rebecca Jayne-Davies
  12. Perfect
    Dean Chisnal
  13. Pumpkin Boy
    Steven Bush
  14. Weird and Wonderful
  15. Excalibur93
    Matthew Rowland
  16. Caroline’s Confession
    Anna-Jane Casey
  17. Second Chances
    Alex Gaumond
  18. Finalé
    Joshua Lovell & Company
  19. Bows
    Orchestra & Company
  20. Playoff

  21. Bonus Track:
  22. Sexed Out
    Dan Looney

Released 31st May 2013 – Catalogue Number: SimGR-CD016

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"This album is definitely worth a listen: A wonderful taster bursting with talent and promise … certainly in keeping with the current contemporary musical theatre trend. Perfect, sung by Chisnall, stands alone as one of the most excellently crafted songs."

Bargain Theatreland

9/10 "The cast on the recording is as stronger cast as you will get anywhere … some great songs … one of the strongest concept recordings I've heard this year, another gem from SimG."

Review Graveyard

"a fun piece … lively and unusual … lyrics are extremely witty … truly quirky, but ultimately life affirming."

Reviews Gate

"a punchy collection of confessional songs "

Really Useful Theatre Programme Shortlist

"fabulous soundtrack … songs start high & funny and glide into the upsetting ... Chisnall’s voice alone will have you in tears ... a surprisingly feel good musical!"

Public Reviews ✭✭✭✭

Catchy melodies and witty lyrics are rife … [the writers] have a hit on their hands … an extraordinary piece of original writing


"outrageously funny … a brand new, hilarious musical comedy … a fun, quirky concept album which is a little different to anything else you will have heard before."

West End Frame ✭✭✭✭

The Confession Room CD